Gastric Balloon is a relatively new, non-invasive bariatric procedure developed to “bridge the gap” between pure diet and exercise and a more complicated bariatric procedure like Gastric Sleeve surgery. It is one of the quickest and simplest bariatric procedures, usually involving a minimal amount of time in the hospital.

The Procedure

Once you are set up in the treatment room, the procedure usually begins with your throat being numbed by a spray. The numbing sensation may feel strange, but it will help your throat tolerate the instruments used in the procedure. If you wish, you can also ask for an injection to make you feel sleepy, but these options will be discussed with you beforehand.

After you are comfortable, the nurse will insert a plastic mouth guard between your teeth to keep your mouth open for the scope. The scope will then be passed through your mouth and into your stomach. This will not be painful and you will be able to breath without worry. The doctor may also need to pass some air down the scope to have a clear view. This too can be a strange feeling and it may make you want to belch.

The scope will then be removed, the balloon passed into your stomach, and then inflated with either air or saline solution. Finally, the scope will be passed into your stomach one final time to double check the balloon is in the right position and properly inflated.

Life after “Gastric Balloon” Surgery

To maintain the weight loss over time after surgery, patient must follow new eating habits and the given diet instructions. The doctor designs a diet guidance and some food Recommendations to suit the patient’s case.

After surgery it is a must to modify your diet on different stages, where you start with a drinks diet then a pureed food. Then you start eating small amounts of a usual healthy foods. Therefore, less volume of food is digested by the patient than he used to do before the surgery.