Aiming to Improve the surgeons experience all over the middle east, Dr. Osama Taha’s Academy for bariatric courses has put the right track for the evolution of the bariatric surgery field, which will reflect directly on the patient better outcome and less complications.
The Academy has been established 2 years ago, participating with its significant intellectual , practical and medical material in making the world a better place through providing the doctors with the best quality of bariatric surgery knowledge.
And not only this, but also sharing the friendly spirit of teamwork and care all along the course journey.


To contribute effectively to helping thousands of patients successfully complete their treatment journey, and change their lives in compliance with industry international standards by educating healthcare professionals using globally certified tools, courses, and experiences at Dr. Osama Taha Training Academy.


To become a leading medical training body, serving the whole MENA region. Dr. Osama Taha Training Academy, represented by its Experts and Graduates community, strives to stand out as a trade mark for best practice, professional integrity and excellence.